Physical Damage Insurance

The reason you are here is because you want to make a smart decision with a physical damage insurance policy. If that’s so, then you’ll be glad to see what SUREFIRE INSURANCE has to offer. Buying or leasing a truck is a huge investment and for many truckers, it’s more like putting all of your savings at stake. But one would deny the fact that trucking itself is a risky juncture and most people don’t have enough savings to compensate in case of a collision or if the truck is totaled. This is exactly where physical damage insurance comes into existence for reducing the burden of replacing, repairing or fixing your truck.

As compared to the auto liability, which covers only legal obligations to other drivers like medical expenses and car repairs, physical damage insurance helps you to pay for the repair or replacing your truck if it gets damaged. The physical damage insurance covers two things: #1 Collision Coverage and #2 Comprehensive Coverage. Collision coverage is part of the coverage that pays for the damage or replacing your truck if you are involved in an accident. Collision coverage would help you out even with the expensive repair. Comprehensive Coverage helps you with repairs or perils your truck might face other than accidents such as vandalism, theft and fire. 

Hope you have understood the significance of physical insurance damage, it’s time that you give a well-thought consideration. After all, your trucking is a source of your livelihood and you need to find a way to secure your profession from any kind of mishappening that can cost huge. Our agents fervently help in finding a viable insurance policy of great coverage and doesn’t disappoint in term of options.