Cargo Insurance

Find A Reliable Cargo Insurance That Provides Protection Against All Risk During Shipping.

Cargo transportation is the lifeline of the country and best suited to transport articles, goods, material, wares or merchandise from one place to another (national & internationally both).  Though cargo shipment considered as one of the lucrative business models and provide ample opportunity to truckers around the globe, but one cannot deny the fact that cargo shipments are also one of the riskiest and uncertain professions. This is where cargo insurance comes into existence with a motive to provide protection against all risks and uncertainty during shipping. Besides, it’s the only way to safeguard your business from the mishappening that cost huge.

Risks and Liabilities Covered in Cargo Insurance

#1 Physical Loss & Damage – We provide you with comprehensive cargo insurance that ensures domestic & worldwide coverage.

#2 Stock Throughput Risks – that covers the coverage for goods stored in a storage.

#3 Rejection Insurance – Covers the risk of rejection of cargo by government officials.

#4 Cargo Legal Liability – Ensure the coverage of freight forwarders, warehousemen, aircraft operator, custom broker and many more.

#5 Political Risk – This covers the action or inaction of the government and also provides coverage for the goods in other countries.

#6 Professional Liabilities – Ensure coverage of professional liability such as a custom broker, load broker, or freight forwarder.

#7 Supply Chain/Trade Disruption– It is something that everyone looks forward to and covers net profit & extra expense.