Bob-Tail Insurance

Trucking business requires you to move goods from one place to another but some of the days you drive without a trailer, and if you drive without a trailer then this is termed as bobtailing. Henceforth, bobtailing insurance is liability insurance that provides protection for a truck without a trailer.

Bobtail insurance can be the right insurance policy for you if:

  • You are driving a truck under someone else’s trucking authority.
  • You want to safeguard yourself from the legal case or out-of-the-pocket claim during an accident.
  • Your transporter requires you to carry insurance coverage.

Bobtail Insurance isn’t the right insurance if:

  • You drive a truck with a trailer.
  • If you need coverage for personal trips or recreational driving.

Bobtail insurance provides coverage if you are involved in an accident after you have delivered a load and if you are on your way to pick up the next load, or if you’re involved in an accident on your way to home after delivering the goods.


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